35 years Of Experience In Heating, Cooling, And Commercial Refrigeration Business

Stephen Tromello,

Stephen Tromello,


Steve holds numerous certifications in Heating, Cooling and Commercial Refrigeration. He holds C-20, (Heating and A/C) and C-38, (Commercial Refrigeration) Licenses in California as well as a Refrigeration Machine Operators License in New York. He is PIPE Certified (Pipe Industries Progress & Education), and a United Association, Local 250 Journeyman. He holds a Universal EPA certification, (which allows him to work on any size and type of A/C and Refrigeration systems). Qualifications like this are hard to find. The benefit to you is that you get the best in troubleshooting ability.

Qualifications Overview

 Master Mechanic

 Licensed Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor – C-20

 Licensed Refrigeration Contractor – C-38

  P.I.P.E. Certified

 EPA Certified