Radical Air & Refrigeration

The Best Solution For Business and Home HVAC Repairs

Cost Saving Tips For Home And Business

  • Set the thermostat properly
  • Keep all windows and doors closed at all times
  • Avoid too much use of exhaust fans
  • Keep the air filter clean
  • Make sure that no -heat generating appliances are close to your thermostat, like lamps, TV’s, stereo and computer Serving equipments
  • Have systems serviced twice a year
  • Seal and Insulate air ducts
  • Keep grilles and vents unobstructed
  • Control exposure to direct sunlight
  • Ensure that your clothes dryer is vented away from your Inspections outdoor unit
  • Keep thermostats away from outside walls and out of direct sunlight
  • Tri-county Home Inspections can help with more cost saving